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Aghosh Sheikhupura
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Foundation of the Faithful

Society for the Advancement of Women’s Education


A large percentage of Muslims throughout the world are living in desperate conditions. In many countries they have been denied basic rights guaranteed under the auspices of Islam. In many other places they have been discouraged from participating in political, social and nation-building activities. This is against the basic teachings of Islam.

Foundation of the Faithful is a not-for-profit organization based and incorporated in the State of New York, founded by a group of highly respected professionals, and dedicated to setting up viable institutions of learning for both men and women. Provide them with resources for advancement and rehabilitation in financial and social ranking .

Foundation of the Faithful

Serving Humanity - Spreading Eduation


  • To reduce illiteracy among Muslims.

  • To establish and support faith-based institutions for Muslim men and women.

  • To provide financial assistance in the form of stipends and scholarships to those who demonstrate excellence.

  • To organize and hold lectures, seminars, and workshops aimed at fostering family values and healthy social norms.

  • To provide humanitarian services and aid to those devastated by natural and/or man-made disasters and to provide them relief.

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